LIVE Online Course: A Beginners Guide to Holistic Wellness


LIVE Online Course: A Beginners Guide to Holistic Wellness


Been wondering where to begin when it comes to holistic wellness? Or how to take your physical and mental health to the NEXT level? Join me on a 4-week journey that will empower YOU to take ownership of your health and identify specific, actionable steps that will help you feel the best you’ve ever felt!

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I’ll guide you through understanding holistic wellness and identifying the steps that lead to meaningful, long-term changes unique to your individual goals and needs. Expect to be challenged to dig deep and learn to connect your mind, body and spirit for optimal well-being.

This $37 Launch Rate (less than $10/week!) Includes:

  • 4 LIVE online weekly workshops (and replay videos)

  • 4 weeks of journaling prompts for personal reflection after each workshop

  • 4 weeks of checklists to hold you accountable for actionable next steps

  • 4 weeks of support to reaching your wellness goals including an intro and exit call to discuss your goals

  • Lifetime access to exclusive resourced for course community members!

…and more!

Registration closes Saturday March 23rd and the course begins on Monday March 25th! Send an email to with any questions!